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Jhennuel Hipolito

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Jhennuel is a licensed pharmacist and HIPAA-certified healthcare virtual assistant currently based in the Philippines. She recently joined Head Well in 2024. Skilled in administrative and medical documentation tasks, she plays a crucial role in streamlining office operations.

Jhennuel’s diverse experience in hospital and regulatory settings has exposed her to patients from various backgrounds, deepening her commitment to delivering quality patient care.

Beyond her professional responsibilites, Jhennuel is passionate about supporting patients on their mental health journeys.She strives not only to provide exceptional healthcare services but also to foster a sense of connection and empowerment among them. Reliable and trustworthy, she offers personalized assistance. whether it’s answering questions, scheduling appointments, or addressing concerns or requests. She aims to establish a meaningful connection with every patient, ensuring they feel valued and heard, even in her virtual presence.