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Shekinah Lusuegro

Shekinah Shekinah

Shekinah, a registered psychometrician in the Philippines and a HIPAA-certified virtual assistant, joined the Head Well team in 2023. With her background in psychology, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her role. She is not only proficient in her administrative tasks but also possesses a deep understanding of patient emotions and experiences.

She is dedicated to enhancing your experience by streamlining communication, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries, and providing valuable assistance in navigating our services. Her empathetic nature allows her to connect with patients on a personal level, making them feel heard and understood.

With a commitment to efficiency and accessibility, Shekinah serves as a reliable contact point for patient care and appointment follow-ups. She is here to support you on your journey with us, ensuring that your needs are met with compassion and professionalism.